Our Photos

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*Sara and Happy*

Sara one of our beautiful BC's  & Happy they are buddies. Happy is a rescue dog we got him when he was only 12 weeks old. He is loving it here and we use him to help protect our sheep.

2012 Lynn & Mattie

Mattie wins the Nursery @ Mountain Homes, ARkansas 2012
We're headed to the Nationals in Steamboat Co come June!! Way to go Mattie!!

2012 Lynn and Mattie

Lynn and Mattie winning the Nursery at Mountain Homes, Arkansas..Nationals here we come!! Way to go Mattie!

2013 Jake & Lynn winning at Monroe, LA Jan 18,2013

Jake & Lynn win the Ranch Class with a class of 20 entries at West Monroe, LA
Way to go Jake!

2014 Clay Walker Concert

We went to visit and see Clay in concert at Tulsa, OK He puts on a really great concert!

2014 Houston Rodeo Reba Concert

Our dear friends from Louisiana Austin & Peggy Kendrick and their daughter and husband. We all met in Houston for the rodeo and Reba concert. Had a great time enjoyed seeing Reba again!! Great concert!!

3-2013 at Clay Walkers Farm

Clay Walker asked Lynn to bring several of our BC's and have a working day. We had a great time,saw some beautiful country,and met a beautiful family! Thanks Clay!


Mirage, Brett and Babies pup that is 18mths old. Just won her class and it is her first competition. The proud owners are Nathan and Tracy Gooch from Red Oak, OK This is the first show Nathan competed in also. It is a timed event you have 5min to complete

Ben & Mirage win at OKC STATE FAIR

Lynn shows Ben and Mirage at the OKC STATE FAIR. Ben in the Futurity, Mirage in the Nursery Class. They both win their Class! First time out for both of them. Mirage also won the novice class with her owner Nathan Gooch showing her. Both of these pups are

Bess with Pretty and Brett Pup

Bess Gibbons with one Pretty and Brett's pup. 5-15-2011

Coby sporting his new hair do

Coby & Lynn will be showing at the Tulsa State Fair  Stock Dog Trial in Oct. 2014 The proud owners are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holt. McAlester, OK They came to our place to check out our dogs and left with Coby. He is a wonderful working dog and is able to h

Cy and Step Homm

New owners of Ty frm Shallow River Ranch, CO

Cy and Steph Homm

Cy and Steph Homm, Proud owners of Ty.

Friends from N.Carolina

Dallas, has been a cust of ours for years. He owns several of our dogs. He and friend came for a visit and brought more dogs for Lynn to train.


Our 6mth old male by Brett & Rio

Jan's Puppies By Brett

Puppies born 2-5-2011 Litter already SOLD


This girl loves horses

Kit with one of Pretty and Brett's puppies.

Kit Gibbons with one of Pretty and Brett's pups. 5-15-2011

Little Tuffy

Owner: Teddy Johnson, Gainsville, TX

Lynn and Goldielocks

Our young filly

Lynn and Pretty

Pretty one of our females

My Flowers

I love this picture...makes you think of a very dense forest just before dark or maybe just early morning.

My Flowers 2014

My Goodness see how my flowers have grown!!

My Flowers 2014

I love flowers!

My Flowers 2014


My Flowers 2014

Can't beat Knock Out Roses!

My Flowers 2014


My Flowers in July #2

Another one of my flowers in July 2014.  I think they are just beautiful.

Rodeo time

Shirley and Katelyn make the grand entry at the Atoka Trail Riders rodeo.

Rodeo time

Shirley and Katelynn getting ready for the Atoka Trail Riders Rodeo Grand Entry


With one of our horses...did I say I never claimed to be a cowgirl... I think I wanted to show off my new boots.

Shirley with Mattie

Working her number one dog !!

Shirley's Garden

English Garden with some of our flowers.

Southeastern OSU Choir

Southeastern OSU Choir visit the Daniel's place checking out the pups and just having a lot of fun.

Spring Flowers 2012

My new flowerbed has doubled since planting last yr.

Spring Flowers 2012

This has been one of the best spring growing season! The roses loved it!!

Spring time in Southeastern OK

Can you beat Knock Out Roses..don't think so!

Stuart with Pretty's pup

Stuart Gibbons, with Pretty and Brett's pup. 5-15-2011

The Gibbons, Austin,Owen,Stuart,Kit and Bess

The Gibbons came for a visit 5-15-2011...Owen is holding

The Teel Show Goats

This is a design that I worked up for Teel Show Goats, he used it on Jackets and Caps.


Tommie, our persian cat.


Our Persian Cat

Tommie: Our Persian Cat

She is our lovely lady...about 11 yrs old. She has the best personality,smart and loves to be loved.


I love this one tree in our pasture, one afternoon I decided to just take a few picture shots and one of our little dogs, Scooter Boy (which Lynn calls my Foofoo dog just had to go with me.) I think he is awfully cute.


Whoops snuck one in on Lynn and one of our wonderful females, Sue, she will be showing at the futurity come October.


Another one of Sue, and Lynn, they have been working hard, needed a little break


Okay, the break is over...lets head for home.


Lynn working Callie and Gracie.  Ms. Emma owns these two very good dogs.. Lynn has them started and they are doing very well.

Trees & flower collection

I love Indian Blanket!!

Trees & flower collection

Another one.

Trees & Flowers collection

I love Wild Flowers

Trees & Flowers Collection

Another wild flower pic.

Trees & flowers collection

Another wild flower pic.

Trees & flowers collection

Another one


Our beautiful Zorro, he is such a good cat, and big!!


Another one of Zorro

zorro and Lynn doing a little relaxings

Lynn and Zorro taking a little rest!