Two photos of the Daniel's family with their wonderful dogs. The photo under is a photo of Brett.

Great Working Dogs, Bred and Trained.

Pictures of Roy Boy and Dotty puppies coming soon!!

Daniel Border Collies Home

  • Our Kelpie-Border Collie Cross start at $700.00 The parents are great working dogs. Rosie is the Mother and Hoss is the Daddy. The pups are showing to be very friendly, inquisitive and love attention. We are expecting good things from this cross!
  • Our Reg. Border Collie pups start at $800.00 Great bloodlines! They are bred to be hard working and wonderful using dogs, friendly and also make wonderful family companions. 
  • We have several started dogs for sale. 
  • Lynn has a few openings available at this time for training customer dogs that has bought their puppy from us. The cost is $700.00 a month
  • Very nice, clean facilities.
  • Demonstrations always available, cattle & sheep on hand at all times.
  • We charge $100.00 to deliver your dog to the airport (not to your home). Dog crate is usually around $45 to $50.00 according to size of the dog.
  • Customer will need to make the arrangements for shipping. Please, CONTACT US BEFORE MAKING ARRANGEMENTS!
  • We would rather our customers come to our place so that we might get to show you our dogs working and what goes into raising these beautiful and intelligent animals. If you have to ship, we would rather go to Tulsa International Airport in Tulsa, OK if possible and try to schedule flight to leave Tulsa around midday.
  • Will Rogers airport in Oklahoma City, OK . is another option, but we have to have the pups at the airport very early like 7am..and we live 3hrs please try and ship from Tulsa airport if possible .
  • Here are a few numbers that we have...they may have changed but you can try Delta CARGO...7100 Air Cargo Rd...bay OKC 405-316-3200..Delta Cargo # 800-352-2746.
  • Remember to check with delta cargo summer shipping the degrees has to be correct to ship a dog.
Daniel Border Collies Home       Photo

Lynn Daniel has been raising and training border collies for over 35 years. He sells pups, started & finished dogs. He strives to have the very best bloodlines possible.

Photo of Lynn cutting cattle with his cutting horse

Lynn also rides cutting horses, which is how he got into training border collies. He wanted to train his dogs to turn back for him.                      

American Border Collie Association

We strive to find the right dog that will be suitable for you, whether you are looking for a puppy, a started dog, or a finished dog.

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